Say goodbye to sleepless nights

Children are my passion and I consider sleep consultation my craft. My in-home visits guide my customised sleep assessments for each child.

Each child’s journey is personal and filled with emotion which can be very stressful for everyone in the household. I will be by your side offering empathy, understanding, coaching and guidance.


I focus on helping parents with:
  • Establishing positive and healthy sleep associations
  • Settling newborns
  • Modifying sleep habits (e.g. associated with feeding, rocking to sleep, reducing catnapping)
  • Understanding and allowing babies to self-settle/soothe
  • Reducing frequent night wakeups
  • Establishing sleep routines
  • Nap transitions (e.g. reducing naps as the child ages)
  • Reducing early morning wakeups
  • Reducing toddler night waking and bedtime battles
  • Dealing with sleep pattern regressions
  • Transitioning from co-sleeping to cot / own room

I serve the greater Auckland area (15km Radius) and specialise in the Eastern Suburbs (Orakei, Remuera, Kohimarama, St. Heliers, Glendowie, Meadowbank).


I offer unique packages to suit my clients’ varying needs. A customised package for Newborns and four different options for Infants & Toddlers.

Each package includes:

  • An in-home consultation
  • Personal in-take form prior to consultation to shape our conversation
  • Customised written sleep assessment for your little one
  • 7 days of email support (or WhatsApp messaging) from the date of the in-home consult
  • 7 days of interactive, online sleep logging to monitor patterns and track progress

You will gain an understanding of:

  • Setting up an optimal sleep environment for your little one
  • Age-appropriate awake times and biological nap windows
  • Settling techniques that help encourage longer periods of sleep
  • Safe sleeping practices guided by the American Academy of Pediatrics SIDS recommendations

Newborn – 0 to 12 weeks

Welcome Home

Exhausted from birth and now wondering how to handle your new little one? A little sleep deprived, often it’s tough to know where to begin. Let me help you make positive changes that result in better sleep for you and your little one.

1 hour


Infant & Toddler – Up to 5 years

Daytime Nap Routine

Struggling with daytime napping? This option coaches you on how to apply the preferred techniques you choose from the sleep assessment. I am there to help guide you in real time. Choose a morning or lunch time nap session.

2 hours

Bedtime Routine

Is bedtime prolonged and difficult? I will be there to see what you are contending with and together we can experiment with your selected bedtime technique. I‘ll share tips and tricks along the way.

3 hours

Night-time Routine

Does your child wake frequently? This package will have me remain in your home after your child has gone to sleep. I am there to guide and coach you through the resettling process. Sleep baby sleep!

6 hours


Struggling to get through the night? Choose you preferred option:

  1. I will stay the entire night and coach you through all the wakeups, or
  2. I will handle the wake-ups using your chosen technique and you can get a good night’s sleep!

12 hours


About me

Hi, thanks for dropping by Sleep Baby Sleep. I am a certified baby and toddler sleep consultant.

I specialise in, and only offer, in-home consults with follow-up support for at least a week. I feel it is important to meet my client and their child face-to-face in the actual environment to be able to provide the most appropriate and effective recommendations. Hands-on demonstration and coaching are available if my clients desire.

My clients describe me as friendly, enthusiastic, patient, adaptable, compassionate, empathetic, and passionate about my craft. You can read some testimonials here.

I am a mother of two boys and have worked with children in many settings for over 20 years as a professional nanny and in the classroom. My husband and I have also fostered infants and toddlers in our home over the years. Outside of work, I love being active in the outdoors. I spend time exercising and exploring New Zealand’s big backyard.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is a baby and infant sleep consultant?

As a sleep consultant, I work independently with families to explore varying techniques that help your baby discover, practice, and master their own independent sleep strategies. From newborn up to age 5, I solve family sleep issues at all stages of their sleep journey.

What is your approach?

My philosophy is focused on the science of sleep to understand why a child sleeps the way they do. I consider both your parenting style and your child’s individual needs as part of my assessment and recommendations. There is no single solution. I experiment alongside parents to find what works in each unique situation. My goal is to leave you with the confidence and knowledge to handle future sleep issues with ease.

What does it mean that you are certified?

I am a certified professional that has completed training through an accredited, registered program. The program is evidence based, research led and is internationally recognised through the International Institute of Complementary Therapies.

Am I ready for this?

I’m here to coach and educate you through this process. I will ensure you are on the right path and provide you a customised plan going forward. However, it’s up to you to implement the plan and keep consistent to achieve the best results.

How long does it take?

Given every baby is unique and special, there is no set time frame. Each baby is so different, but if you are dedicated and consistent in applying my recommendations, then we will have your child settled into a great routine for them and you!

We’ve tried everything, can you really help?

I’ve heard many parents say, “We have tried everything!” including recommendations that I give them. Where most struggle, is with a lack of understanding behind why children need to sleep the way they do. It takes a lot of patience and repetition. Whether it be a daytime nap, bedtime or even in the middle of the night, I can be there to observe your little one and give you guidance (or hands-on coaching if preferred) every step of the way.

Will my baby cry during sleep training?

During sleep training, crying seems to be a top concern from parents. Teaching your baby to sleep independently will likely involve some tears at some point along the way. Learning something new is hard work and will inevitably involve protest on your baby’s part. Transitioning to better sleep incurs some crying, but I’ll be there to provide new techniques to help soothe the cry, while the bond between you and your little one remains.

We co-sleep with our child; can you help us?

Due to safety considerations and other factors, I do not work with co-sleeping families. However, if you are room-sharing and your child has his or her own sleep space, I am happy to help you reach your sleep goals.

Contact me

Drop me a note to set up a free 20 minute discovery call.

Get in touch by filling out the form and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can to discuss your family’s unique situation. Sleep Baby Sleep!



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